About the Artists

Lisa and Jeff Ross are the artists behind Piedmont Pottery. With over 85 years of combined experience, they produce their unique pottery and jewelry creations from their studio in the woods of central North Carolina’s Piedmont region.

Lisa began taking basic and then advanced pottery classes at two Texas colleges in the Dallas area in the late 1970s. After acquiring basic skills, including clay and glaze formulation, she developed an interest in slab techniques, focusing primarily on sculptural pottery and raku. During that time, she began to show and sell her work. After moving to North Carolina in the mid-1980s, Lisa continued taking classes, first at Central Carolina Community College in Sanford and then at Jordan Arts Center in Cary. While Lisa has extensive wheelwork experience, she prefers handbuilding with slabs or extruded forms as well as creating wearable art by combining clay accents with metal, glass, crystal, leather, or hemp. Natural and fantasy forms are common themes in her work, and she also draws upon Celtic, Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythologies to design or decorate her pieces.

Jeff first began studying pottery in the mid 1970s with Dan Hammett at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. There he studied clay and glaze formulation, as well as basic and intermediate pottery techniques. In the intervening years, he has continued his interest and involvement in pottery, taking classes at Central Carolina Community College in Sanford and Siler City, as well as at Jordan Hall Arts Center in Cary. While he has a strong interest in wheel work, Jeff also produces hand-built forms. Much of his work is influenced by the pottery of ancient cultures and forms from nature, as well as the folk pottery traditions of central North Carolina.